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Across the Board Game Cafe
Great Food - Great Games - Great Store
Analog Games
World of Non-Digital Games
Barrister Blog – Board Game Barrister
Connecting people with Games
Battleground Games & Hobbies
Get behind the shield!
Big Board Gaming
Blog - Pine Island Games
Blue Orange Games Blog
Makers of award winning board games and card games for all ages
Board Game Barrage
Board Game Barrage
Board Game Blitz
Board Game Blitz is a 30 minute bi-weekly podcast about modern board games and card games hosted by Ambie and Crystal.
Board Game Feast
Play with your food
BoardGameGeek News | BoardGameGeek
BoardGameGeek features information related to the board gaming hobby
Board Game Gumbo
Board and card gaming with a Louisiana flavor.
Board Game Quest
Board Game Reviews, News and More
Board Game Review
Board Game Review
Board Games – Metro News, Sport, Showbiz, Celebrities from Metro
Board games | The Guardian
Latest news and features from, the world's leading liberal voice
Discover New Board Games To Play
Cardboard Mountain
Casual Game Revolution Blog
Clio's Board Games
Musings about history, board games and history in board games
Days of Wonder News Center
This blog is devoted to newsworthy announcements related to Days of Wonder’s games and the company itself.
Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed
This is a feed of the latest articles from Dicebreaker.
Dice Hate Me
A blog about boardgames, geek culture and shoggoth sightings.
Dice Tower Now
Dice Tower Now is your source for the biggest news from the tabletop gaming world. Each week, the DTNow team brings you breaking stories, special reports, interviews, Kickstarters, new releases, and more.
Dragon Forge Design Miniature Bases
Resin bases for 28 mm gaming miniatures that make your miniature stand out from the rest.
Dude! Take Your Turn!
A Gaming Life
Dungeons & Dragons Archives - Nerdist
Father Geek
Better Parenting Through Games and Geekiness
Mikko Saari on board games.
Gameward Bound
A Solo Board Game Blog by Jessica
Gettin' Jiggly Wit It
Board and card game gameplays, previews, unboxings and news.
GJJ Games
GJJ Games features original board game designs as well as tabletop game reviews, designer interviews, news, promotions, giveaways, and more!
Gunpowder Studios – Fantasy, RPG and family board games
Simple to play, tabletop board games for all the family
Herefordshire Board Gamers
Gaming, Fundraising and knowledge sharing Community
Hiew's Boardgame Blog
Reviews, gameplay impressions, photos, stories, thoughts, and other musings of a boardgamer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. <a href="">BGG</a> username: <a href="">hecose</a>.
Ignacy Trzewiczek's Blog
Boardgames that tell stories
Jesta ThaRogue
Board Game Reviews & How to Play Videos
KA | Board Game News Site | Crowdfunding | Upcoming Kickstarter and Gamefound Tabletop Games | Updated Weekly
Meeple and the Moose
Board game reviews by a friendly Canadian!
Meeple Like Us
Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more
Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more
modular scale models for the grim dark future
On Board Games
On Board Games is about the board game hobby and the supporting industry.
play board games
Board game reviews, strategy tips & session reports
Board game reviews, previews, and articles
Punchboard Media
Punchboard Media
Rolling Dice & Taking Names
Gaming Podcast
Seriously Board
Buy board games in New Zealand
Shut Up & Sit Down
Board Game Reviews, Videos & Podcasts
Stonemaier Games
We believe in creating memorable, beautiful, fun games.
Table Talk
Board Game Reviews
Tabletop Bellhop
Helping You Make Your Game Nights Better
TableTop BoardGames
The home of the best board games around
Tabletop Fix
Unofficial - Independent - Non-Commercial
Tabletop Games Archives – A Geek Girl's Guide
A Geek Girl’s Guide is one geek’s corner of the internet, where she shares her love of her favorite geeky things.
Tabletop Games Blog
All things tabletop games
Tabletop Gaming News – TGN
News for Tabletop, Boardgames, Miniatures, RPGs and Card Games!
Latest news on Table Top Games
Tabletop Simulator Blog
Follow Tabletop Simulator Blog, filter it, and define how you want to receive the news (via Email, RSS, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.) - Home
TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed
The Board Game Family
The Boardgames Chronicle
Boardgames reviews, strategies, unboxings and session reports.
The Board Game Show
A board game podcast and blog featuring reviews, interviews, warfare and an occasional cocktail.
The Cardboard Club
A journey in board game design
The Cardboard Republic
The Geek Empire Grows
The Daily Worker Placement
Thoughts on Board Games
The Dark Imp
For Your Board Game Family
The Opinionated Gamers
Reviews and Commentary on Boardgames
The Players' Aid
Board Game Reviews, Reports, and Reflections.
The Solo Meeple
Tabletop Games Blog, News, Reviews and more...
The Tabletop Family
The Tao of Gaming
Boardgames and lesser pursuits
The Thoughtful Gamer
Board Game Reviews, Analysis, and Strategy
The Treehouse Podcast
Board gaming discussion from the staff in Sheffield's Treehouse
TTCombat Community Site
Two Moms Game
Two moms playing two-player board games while wrangling two boys
Unboxed the Board Game Blog
Unboxed the BG Blog
Unfiltered Gamer
Victory Conditions
Reviews and Roundups
We're Not Wizards - Tabletop Board Game Reviews
Werenotwizards Tabletop Blog containing board game reviews, Board Game previews opinion pieces.
Dedicated to creating games driven by imagination
GameFound crowdfunding.

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