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Wednesday 22 May 2024

AoS: Riders on the Storm – Stormcast Eternals in 4.0 (

Tuesday 21 May 2024

“Kickstarter is Evolving” – Popular Crowdfunding Site Rolls Out Big New Changes (
Kobold Creates 2024 Projects (
MTG: Something Old, Something New – ‘Modern Horizons 3’ Previews Begin! (
Pokemon TCG Summer 2024 Collector Chest Coming This July (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
D&D: ‘Worlds & Realms’ Will Be a New Lore Book from Ten Speed Press (
D&D: Five Subclasses All About Assuming Your Final Form (
What Is Vecna: Eve of Ruin? A High-Stakes, High-Level Adventure to Save Reality (Posts)
Running the 1st Chapter of Vecna: Eve of Ruin (Posts)
'Pathfinder 2E' Wages the 'War of the Immortals' (
Celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (
Imaginary Monster 4-Pack (
Imaginary Monster 4-Pack (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Demon Gods / salvador baixauli
A high-quality Figurines, STL file, 3D printable Presupported
Hidden in the Shadows / Mojibake
3D Printable statues for RPG & Tabletop Wargames and display (Pre-supported STL Files)
D&D: Five Magic Items That Will Give You Wings (
The Mine of Vile Echoes, a Disturbing DnD 5e Adventure / LunaBear Games
What if "The Thing" took place in a dwarven mine? Who will you trust in this eerie subterranean adventure for DnD 5e.
Bases & Tile System Collection #2 / Cryptogene
More than 20.000 STLs to base your miniatures, build landscapes, and more!
Cyber Hack #7 June 2024 / Sergiusz Junczyc
Decode all the puzzles in this zine like a cyberpunk hacker.
Pathfinder2Epic: A Guide To Epic Heroes And Monsters / EpicTabletopGaming
A guide to epic level play, with 8 classes upgraded for epic level play, epic archetypes and monsters to challenge them.
You Know It! A new party game / Jon Gracey
The trivia game where it's not what you know... it's who knows what!
Meeple Style Gamer Socks! / Jonathan Paul
Tabletop Inspired designer socks for the stylish gamer.
Side with the Woodwalkers or the Ironclad in this asymmetric card-driven tactical game for 1-2 players.
Earth is encompassed by the Artifact.
Thunderstone Quest Rise and Fall by AEG / Alderac Entertainment Group
Two new Quests for the massively successful deck building adventure game designed by Mike Elliott
Thunderstone Quest Rise and Fall by AEG / Alderac Entertainment Group
Two new Quests for the massively successful deck building adventure game designed by Mike Elliott
Nuclear Destruction - a Nuclear War Card Game / Mr. B. Games
The 4th entry into the Nuclear War family - 20+ years in the making!
Exploring Yucatan: A Disquieting Solo Experience and Theme (Gameward Bound)
Thorgal: The card game / Lucrum Studio
Thorgal: Card Game, where strategy meets destiny in a thrilling card-based adventure Don't miss the Early Bird Gift: Free Fenrir Mini
Moon's Haunted / Jordan
A card-based storytelling game where absolutely nothing weird happens on a totally routine and very normal mission to the moon.
The Secrets of Zorro - Cooperative Board Game / Double Combo Games
Take up the mask and sword as Zorro®’s heirs in this swashbuckling co-op adventure for 1-4 players, full of secrets and ambushes
Monster Mosh Pit / Dylan Stoll
A strategic card game of monsters, music, and mayhem!
A fantasy workplace action drama, played with No Dice and No Masters.
Erevan's Guide to Death and Beyond - A 5e Tome / Archvillain Games
A 350+page 5e tome full of macabre creatures, Undead races, grafting mechanics and necromancy! Death is merely the beginning!
Marked by Darkness: 75mm Figurines / Monolith Arts
3D Printable Miniatures for RPG & Tabletop Wargames (Pre-supported STL Files)
Dragon Flame - Gemstone Dice Set Collection / Kurt Team
A gemstone dice collection set that combines both collectibility and practicality.
Rebirth: Limited Edition / Mighty Boards
A brand new, tile-laying game from Reiner Knizia, set in a lush and hopeful future.
Lost City of the Dwarves is live! (Fat Dragon Games)
Trip Hammers (Fat Dragon Games)
Dwarven Statues (Fat Dragon Games)
Dwarven Hall (Fat Dragon Games)
Lost Caverns (Fat Dragon Games)
On Military Matters Update 05-20-2024 (Tabletop News Today)
Obscure Finds: The Baton Races of Yaz Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Last Hundred Yards – Mission #4 Chance Encounter (The Boardgames Chronicle)
The Hunt Review (Board Game Quest)
Scare BnB - Spooky family fun for all ages! / Wicked Weird Games
Help guests flee from a Bed and Breakfast run by monsters!
Cows vs Aliens: Invasion / Cepia LLC
An outrageous game of cow abduction and grass kicking for 2-4 players!
5e D&D Cinematic Dueling / Matthew White
Maximize the drama of your combat with these cinematic alternative combat rules.
Escape The Rat Race / TREESAP GAMES
Conquer the world of work and race to retire in this fast and furious set building card game for 2-5 hustlers
Best 3 Games with…Designer Jason Matthews! (The Players' Aid)
JAPANESE Fighting vehicles of WW2 - VOLUME 2 (scale 1:56) / Marharyta Bohush
3D printable STL files in 1:56 (28mm) scale from Wargame3D. Japanese Fighting vehicles of World War 2 - VOLUME 2.
Snow White on Opinionated Gamers (Hiew's Boardgame Blog)
This Monty Python-esque comedy RPG lets you improv as a band of incompetent and dangerously powerful wizards (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Underwater monsters are coming (Signum Games)
Re-enact Greta Gerwig’s Little Women with this coming-of-age tabletop RPG (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Beneath The Big Top - A D&D 5e Adventure & Circus Compendium / OneShotTPK
Uncover the mysteries of a growing traveling Circus in this 3 part D&D 5e Adventure
Wizards Goes Big with Vecna: Eve of Ruin (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
The dungeon crawler you must play. (
Merchant's Quest / Shandur Games
Embark on an epic journey with Merchant's Quest! Experience an unrivaled sense of exploration.
Footsore Miniatures - New Pre-Order (Tabletop Fix)
Luis Donaldo Meza - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Khurasan Miniatures - New Preview (Tabletop Fix)
Monolith - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
GameScape3D - New Releases (Tabletop Fix)
3D_Forge - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Backpack Panda / bpkgames
Venture into a vibrant bamboo world and brace yourself for betrayal in this 4-8 player social deduction game for panda lovers.
Mortian - New Previews (Tabletop Fix)
Ralphy - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Victoria Miniatures - New Release (Tabletop Fix)
Miniatures4U - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Wyrd Miniatures - New Preview (Tabletop Fix)
Ember Miniatures - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Voxelhouse - New Release (Tabletop Fix)
Peter C Parker - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Warlord Games - New Preview (Tabletop Fix)
Ogareg Miniatures - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
(Tabletop Fix)
Luna Dice - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Wargames Atlantic - New Preview (Tabletop Fix)
Kimera Models - Kimera Velvet Concentrated Acrylic Inks and Pure Pigments Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Big Dumb Fun Games - INSTADUNGEON Fantasy Expansion Set 2 Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Stormforge Minis - Deserts Chosen Undead Army Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
David Penasse - Stormcrow City The Silent District Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
RealmCrafters - Maps for TTRPGs Samurai Saga Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Sam Draper - Tagmybase : The Awakening Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
KUGO is a flick game-making kit. Family, friends and flicking fun for all ages. 🌍 All made from solid hardwood 🌎
Tokyo Game Market 2024 Spring: Report from Table Games in the World (BoardGameGeek News )
Getting to know you: Great get to know each other games, Tabletop Bellhop Gaming Podcast Episode 242 (Tabletop Bellhop)
Dale Yu: Review of Snow White and the Eleven Dwarves (The Opinionated Gamers)
RDTN Episode 322: Vijayanagara, Lunar Rush, Unmatched: Slings & Arrows, Vampire Village, Tangram City, Pass Pass, Tetrarchia (Rolling Dice & Taking Names)
One shot dungeons: Desert Adventures / PetDM
Discover the secrets buried in the sand! Embark on arduous desert adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5E!
Riding the Waves with Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef (Gameward Bound)
Quilts & Cats of Calico (Meeple and the Moose)

Monday 20 May 2024

Vulcano's Instant Fortress / Vulcano
A new modular terrain system, easy to print, ready to play!
Light Speed Arena Preview ( )
Creature Roles: How Flee, Mortals! Helps You Customize Encounters (Posts)
Modern Horizons 3 Previewed By Wizards of the Coast (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
Dungeons NOT Dating / Rachel Dove
Uniting Adventurers Worldwide, through our new mobile app!
Ready Set Bet First Impressions (Jesta ThaRogue)
Geode Sharp Edge Dice Sets / Robin's Nerd Supplies
Geode themed dice sets with sharp edge hand polished finish
Cyborg Girl / alexa
A high-quality Figurines, STL file, 3D printable Presupported
HERD OF BEASTS 14 - DINOSAURS 7 / José Jorge Pereiro
3D Printable Presupported STL Files, 32mm Scale -Massive Set of Realistic Prehistoric Animals
It's a Cartoon World: Chapter 1 / Dragonhead models
Our cartoon world of resin figures for people who are sick of barbarians & Co (unless we do them again... then we'll love em)
My First Adventure Books Review (Board Game Quest)
Greyhawk to Faerun and Beyond: A Multiversal D&D Lore Book Is Coming This Fall (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Freak War throws Exploding Kittens and Pokémon into a blender for a trading card game you can play at parties (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
My Little Magic Guide 2 / HardWitch Games
Stunning fantasy style dioramas in 32-75mm formats!
World of Pratheron : Fishing Village at War / YOUNGHO SON
3D Printable STL Files, Terrain for Tabletop, Miniature, Role Playing Games, Wargames and RPG's
Urban Mages: Addendum Arcanum / Max Jowett
An expansion for Urban Mages (the TTRPG where your magic can be anything you want)
New Blade Runner RPG expansion asks how far you’d go for the Replicant Rebellion (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
OBG 538: UnPub Experierences (On Board Games)
City of Six Moons is a board game written in an alien language you’ll need to translate to play - and you’ll never know if you’ve got it quite right (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Not DnD | Death of the Author (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Battle Cry! A 5e Gladiator Arena adventure!! / Matthew David
A D&D 5e adventure set in the War Pit, an Orc controlled Gladiator Arena
Devabhumi: A TTRPG setting inspired by Ancient India / Silver Compass Maps
Explore the Land of the Gods and immerse yourself in the magic of Ancient India in this DnD 5e, Pathfinder 1e & 2e campaign setting!
Atomic Habits and Game Design vs Self Publishing: A Chat with Pam Walls (Stonemaier Games)
Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week – 5/20/24 (Board Game Quest)
On the Underground: Paris / New York (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Alternate cover for Dungeons & Dragons’ Player’s Handbook radiates a wholesome vibe for players who want to D&D and chill (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
RPG Evolution: Stay Dead (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Interview with Mike Lambo Designer of Lone Sherman: The Pacific (Self-Published) (The Players' Aid)
Stupor Mundi
Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and king of Germany and Italy, was a man of extraordinary culture, energy, and ability. His contemporaries called him stupor mundi ("the wonder of the world"), and many historians consider him Europe's first modern ruler. The kingdom Frederick established in Sicily and southern Italy ran on an efficient bureaucracy similar to modern, centrally governed kingdoms.
Spend another five hours moving three spaces in the new Talisman board game from the studio behind Betrayal at House on the Hill (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Children of Morta: The Board Game Kickstarter Spotlight (
Kickstarter Lagniappe: WINE CELLAR (Board Game Gumbo)
Dale Yu: Review of Scribbly Gum (The Opinionated Gamers)
Best Board Games for Teens and Tweens (The Tabletop Family)
STL FILES FOR 3D PRINTING - MINIS - Pre supported - 75 mm & 32 mm
Modern Magic TTRPG / Mario Alvarenga
A new type of table top roleplaying game with a focus on character customization and accessibility for new players!

Sunday 19 May 2024

The Monster Overhaul Is More Than A Mere Manual (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
News Digest for May 19, 2024 (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for May 19, 2024 (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Top 6 Games I Shouldn’t Like (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
New Levy & Campaign Series Mechanics in Plantagenet (The Boardgames Chronicle)
Video Review: Road to Independence: The American Revolution, 1775-1783 from Blue Panther (The Players' Aid)
Starship Types & Deck Plans (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
medieval fantasies / lucia sanchez
High Quality 3D printable models (STL Files) for 3D Printing. Detailed Busts for painters and collectors.
Dale Yu: Review of Chronicles of Crime – Welcome to Redview (The Opinionated Gamers)
Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Podcast #299 (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Build Barony Anew in the Middle Ages, and Rediscover a Dungeon Twister in Indonesia (BoardGameGeek News )
Valeria: Card Kingdoms game review (The Board Game Family)

Saturday 18 May 2024

Review of Kiss the Goblin, the Alignment Guessing Party Game (Tabletop Bellhop)
$1 Starfinder 1-Shot Adventure: "Echoes of the Rogue AI" / Ben W
A high-stakes sci-fi quest against a rogue AI, featuring epic battles and sanity challenges.
Let’s Go! To Japan… But First, Plan the Trip Logistics (Gameward Bound)
No Thanks (Meeple and the Moose)
Ark Nova: Marine Worlds Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
The Dusty Euros Series: The Hanging Gardens (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Famous: Stage I / Jared Lutes
Become the most famous band your town has ever seen - in this approachable, super-thematic, garage-band sim.
Unboxing Video: Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East from GMT Games (The Players' Aid)
Cosmic Conquest / Curious Cats UK
A Planetary Domination Card Game
Unboxing Video: Dogfight!: Rule the Skies in 20 Minutes! from PSC Games (The Players' Aid)
Show Case TCG Binder for Graded slabs and Top Loaded cards / Thomas Wright
A binder built for prestigious trading card collections, Supporting both top loaders and universal slabs. - Showcase your collection
Paper App Dungeon (Saturday Review) (Tabletop Games Blog)
Welcome More Spicy, Clanky Sentinels to the Akropolis (BoardGameGeek News )
Russian T72BM / B3 STL Files / Brad Sanders
T72BM and T-72B3 Russian tank STL files for gaming and modelling - in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm scales
3D Printable Figure (STL Files) - Pre-Supported High Quality - 75 mm & 32 mm - Miniatures Tabletop RPG
Xylotar Review, A trick-taking game where you don’t get to look at your own hand! (Tabletop Bellhop)
Friday Night Shots – Some Assembly Required! (Shipyard) (Dude! Take Your Turn!)
Table top football / Mark Schultz
A new version of classic paper football
Elder Wars / Angel Revuelta
Forge Your Destiny in the Abyss: Elders Wars - The Strategy Game that Challenges the Depths of the Underworld
Sniper Snail / Liam
An illustrative deck only card game where you prove that you're a super sneaky sniper snail that only strikes on Sundays

Friday 17 May 2024

Pursue: A Strategy Board Game w/ Chance and Trivia! / Robert Rutherford
Pursue Facts, Questions, Conspiracies, and Truth.
Revolution: The Wargame / Tundraworks Miniatures
A groundbreaking new approach to tabletop wargaming in a revolutionary setting. The only way to order from the Tundraworks catalog!
Arcane Explorers / Hayden Clarkson
Embark on a Mystical Adventure: Explore Enchanted Biomes, Uncover Ancient Artifacts, and Overcome Magical Quests and Challenges
Coney and the Puzzle of the Cutest, Pickiest Rabbits (Gameward Bound)
Milo - The Mechanic - Cyberpunk 75mm Miniature / Mindcrafter Studio
Cyberpunk collection of miniature and bust - STL
Dragon Rider - Tiefling and The Wyvern 3D Printable STL DnD / AVD Studios
Pre supported STL files, DnD, Mini, RPG Tabletop Games, Dragon, Tiefling, Wyvern Ranger NSFW, 3D Printable Miniatures
Palworld. Pals Miniatures. Tabletop Game / AliceFo
Pre-Supported 3D Printable Pals Miniature, Pal Sphere (STL Files) for RPG, Tabletop Games, DnD and as Collectibles.
Companion Creatures: Fight Alongside Monsters with Rules from Flee, Mortals! (Posts)
Creature Compendium 2 for 5e / The Grinning Frog
The ENNIE nominated book series returns with a new volume (and over 70 creatures)
Ito Card Game Getting Western Localization (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
VIDEO: Dragonrealm Quick Review - Watch This BEFORE You Buy! (Casual Game Revolution Blog)
Luzon: OCS part 3 (Big Board Gaming)
Discover the City of Six Moons, Explore Cool Animal Facts, and Make Murray Eat Bugs (BoardGameGeek News )
Bosa Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Frosthaven – Scenario #65 A Strong Foundation (The Boardgames Chronicle)
Quick Peaks – John Company, Rival Restaurants: Back for Seconds, Mysticana: A Foundation Deck, Paris: La Cité de la Lumière, Line-It (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Ruffians - Board Game / Obsidian Wing Games
Become an infamous pirate captain, recruit a crew and ravage the coastline - Instagram ObsidianWingGames
Top 10 Deck Building Games (Board Game Quest)
Adepticon moves out of Illinois after 20% attendance jump this year ()
April 2024 Monthly Debrief Video – Games We Play for Fun! (The Players' Aid)
Crowdfunding Tabletop Roundup: Blast from the Past (GeekDad)
Tokyo Game Market 2024 Spring (The Opinionated Gamers)
boardgaming in photos: The Adventures of Snow White (Hiew's Boardgame Blog)
Story Time Chess Review from Jazz Paladin (
ASSASSIN (3d printing designs) / TOYDOY
High Quality 3D printable models (STL Files) for 3D Printing. Detailed Miniatures in 75mm scale and Busts for painters and collectors.
Underworld Tower + Extras / Black Cobra Miniatures
This is a crime lord's eclectic tower that he has erected at the center of his criminal empire in the epicenter of the underworld.
Scenarios for Adventure: Regions & Realms / SideQuest20
A D&D guidebook featuring over 1,000 location-based hooks and encounter scenarios!
Texture Rollers Nr.16 - STL files for 3D printing / Jorrit - STL Loot Factory
Texture Rollers STL files for 3D printing for tabletop terrain and bases, Commercial Licenses available,previous Kickstarters available
Designer Diary: Pole Position (BoardGameGeek News )
The 7 Seas: A New Start
Embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of The 7 Seas. Explore, trade, and fight to become a legend!
Ziggurat of the Death Crystal - 3D Printable Terrain / Kitbash Kingdom
Impressive Large Scale 3D Printable Semi-modular Ziggurat with exciting game play possibilities!
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous DLC Release Date Announced (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Blade Runner RPG Headed to Kickstarter (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Pre-Orders Open for Munchkin Shadowrun (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Zero Football Knowledge: The football card game / Sebastian Axelsson
Put your friends' football knowledge to the test with Zero Football Knowledge
32 mm & 75 mm - STL FILES FOR 3D PRINTING - MINIS - Resin & Filament

Thursday 16 May 2024

The Void's Embrace: Infinitely Replayable 5e Adventures / Astral Archives
Randomly create your adventure inside the Mystical dimension known as "The Void", complete with custom bestiary and magical items.
Dune Raiders: Desert style Troopers / Alt Earth Games
28mm scale desert style sci fi troopers in metal
A Miniature Skirmish Game Inspired by Lethal Company, Content Warning & Helldivers 2!
Blade Runner RPG Expansion Replicant Rebellion Coming to Kickstarter (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
BERSERKERS : Chaos Extension by Alone Editions / Ÿøssef Fårhi
Berserkers is Back !
Potions Forever: Imagery & Ingredients / Misc 3D Creations
Craft potions assets for RPGs with this pack of 150 stock images and 140 ingredients! Commercial tier for creators!
Luzon OCS: (Big Board Gaming)
Le Vent Rouge: a Game of French Thieves & Dice / Will Power Games
A Competitive "Roll & Spend" Strategy Game For 2-4 Players
Hannibal and Hamilcar bring two out-of-print classic historical wargames back to crowdfunding (Sponsored) (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
This new eBay rival for TCGs wants to make buying and selling ungraded Pokémon cards less of a headache (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Where Has All the Engagement Gone? (Meeple and the Moose)
Hex Effects: A Spellbinding Card Game / Pillbox Games
Hex Effects is a “take that” card game that involves beautiful artwork and easy-to-pick-up gameplay. From the makers of Side Effects!
Simplicity Lenormand / Emilie Muniz
Unlock the Mysteries of Divination with Ease
Episode 209 - The Momcast (Board Game Blitz)
“You don't know when something profound is going to happen”: Designer behind Critical Role's new RPG on the therapeutic potential of tabletop games (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
New D&D Edition's Player’s Handbook Alternate Art Cover Reveal (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Hackers attack website of Japan’s biggest board game fair, ‘years of irreplacable information’ lost ()
The Ravagors’ Siege - Eldoria Chronicles / Golden Thief Studio
High quality 3D STL to print fantasy miniatures for tabletop games, DnD, 40K and painting.
Draft and Write Records Review (Board Game Quest)
Gamemaster's Chest / Frontier Workshop
An all-in-one GM tool for your tabletop adventures.
Quoridor Pac-Man Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
The Flail Queen - Printable STL Miniature / Witchsong Miniatures
A hyper detailed 3D-printable miniature for use in tabletop roleplaying games, or just to paint!
Nucleum Review (Punchboard)
RPG Crowdfunding News - Pericle: Labyrinth, HârnWorld, HEROIC, and more (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Trekking the World of Second Editions (Stonemaier Games)
Werwolf: Insurgency in Occupied Germany, 1945-1948 from Legion Wargames – Event Card Spoilers with Designers Clint Warren-Davey and Ben Fiene – #13 Golden Age of Film (The Players' Aid)
Abzu and Studio Ghibli inspired this solo roleplaying game about diving around spectacular coral reefs (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
I sure hope Frostpunk’s escape room board game is easier to survive than the video game (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
BGB Podcast #307 – Gotta Guess More Golden Geeks (Board Game Barrage)
The Walking Dead: Surrounded squeezes the entire zombie franchise into a tiny card game (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Dutch Resistance: Orange Shall Overcome! Review from Steven Foster (
Fresh from Stranger Things and Critical Role, D&D villain Vecna shows his hand in Dead by Daylight (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
DungeonisM Fantasy Miniatures / DiegoZappp
A low-poly minimalist collection of fantasy miniatures ready to be 3d printed
Dale Yu: Review of The Man From Sector Six (spoiler free) (The Opinionated Gamers)
Gain Favor in Stupor Mundi, Farm the Nile in Tameri, and Go Beyond the Horizon (BoardGameGeek News )
Something Terrible Is Happening With Bags Of Cheese (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
BRIDGE (Fat Dragon Games)
Rose STL / Custom Miniatures
High quality 3D Models for 3D printing: 295mm, cut & uncut version and 75mm. Miniatures for collect and RPG games. STL FILES

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Leviathan Wilds: Playing and Ranking All 17 Leviathans (Gameward Bound)
Dark Omen
Tired of your average dungeon crawler? Add somthing different to your collection for a change. Join a band of misfits to take on a great evil in a dark Nordic past.
Neopets Tabletop RPG Announced by Geekify (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
Gobber's Guide to Hearth and Home / Unlimited Realms Ltd
A TTRPG supplement for D&D 5e with new rules for creating a home for your adventurers, with new classes, races and magic items.
Bitlight Rider's / Pulprint Games
A roll and write game for 1 to 4 players where players take the role of a futuristic biker!
Medieval Asian-Inspired Digital Battlemaps for TTRPGs / RebelRune
1 BACKER = 1 NEW MAP! System free - with and without grid - Suitable for D&D 5E / DnD 2E , Pathfinder , Call of Cthulhu , warhammer...
Grassroots / Sondog Studios
The party game to change the world
The Siege of Troy - An Ancient Greek D&D 5e Adventure / DiceQuest
Delve into the legends of Ancient Greece in this DND 5e One-Shot for level 6 players!
Alpine Trails / Last Night Games
Alpine Trails is a tile placement game for 1-5 players. Build trails through a national forest with campsites, waterfalls and wildlife.
Tales of the Old World: The Exiles strike back! / Axia - Chiafele Giuseppe
A set of heroic 28mm models for your warband and armies by Axia miniatures! Pre-supported digital files and 3d printed resin models!
CyberQuest. The Game of Cyberpunk Adventures
You are in the year 2081. The Black Chip agency, formed by members who participated in the Second Corporate Conflict on both sides, try to avoid a third conflict between Nakaware and Biosync.
The Savage World of Solomon Kane RPG / Monolith Board Games SARL
Dive deep in the world of Solomon Kane with this revised version of the RPG based upon the incredible works of Robert E. Howard!
Vaults of Tenabrus: Magic for Shadowdark & Fifth Edition! / Kabouter Games
Explore the Vaults of Tenabrus: dozens of magic items for Shadowdark and D&D 5E games, plus consumables, lore, and more!
Stl Miniatures: Battle Mistress - Starter Pack 32mm & 54mm / DDF models
Fantasy printable miniatures for your roleplaying and wargames. Scales 32mm - 54mm. Print and Play
Hastur - The King in Yellow / MythosMakers
the cosmic embodiment of madness, is coming for your 3d printer, in form of a high quality STL!
Terraria’s co-op board game will tunnel its way onto Kickstarter later this month (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
The Hardy Boys RPG / Sixpence Games
Play as America's Favorite Kid Sleuths in this family friendly GM-less mystery RPG for 1 or 2 players that plays in under an hour
Horde incoming - 32mm fantasy orcs, STL & resin miniatures- / Greenminiatures
3D Printable Miniatures for RPG & Tabletop Wargames (Pre-supported STL Files) and high quality resin miniatures.
Phoenix Rising: The Journey of Our Female Fighter / MiniQuest Forge
Female miniatures for 3D printing, 75MM &32MM Scale, D&D, RPG Games, Tabletop and boardgames
Board Game Clubs / Serhii
We all love to play, our goal is to make the process of finding opponents, reserving tables in the club, as easy as possible!
WizKids Announces New MAGIC: THE GATHERING Companion Plush Charms (WizKids)
Matches Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Unboxing & Overview: SPARTA! Struggle for Greece (The Boardgames Chronicle)
The World of Iz'Areth / Fireball in a Teacup Press
An exciting and new campaign setting for Paizo's First Edition Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
Uprising: Titans of the First Age Expansion Review (Board Game Quest)
Western Legends is the closest board game to Red Dead Redemption I've played, and it's getting a story-driven spin-off (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Hegemony lives up to its name by dominating latest Golden Geek Awards, Sky Team also flies high ()
Secret Slasher - Murder Mystery Board Game / Daniel Gugliotti
Use your deduction skills and gather clues to uncover who the Secret Slasher is before they 🔪 you.. unless, the Secret Slasher is YOU!
My Favorite Wargame Cards – A Look at Individual Cards from My Favorite Games – Card #1: Sistani from Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001-? from GMT Games (The Players' Aid)
Outwit opponents for the most valuable portfolio of buildings, projects, and tokens through strategic bidding, collecting, and assembling.
Millennials rejoice! There’s an official Neopets tabletop RPG on the way (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Good Grief / Jacob Baggs
Goodbyes aren't forever... unfortunately.
The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is Outta Control in 2024 / Secret Cabal Jamie
The Cabal Founders are crashing into 2024 with more weekly tabletop gaming podcasts and other irreverent nonsense!
Candarlin - Queen of the Grey Sea / Christopher Bünte
A 5e Fantasy City Description including three one-shot adventures
DungeonisM Dungeon Furnitures / DiegoZapp
A low-poly minimalist collection of dungeon furnitures ready to be 3d printed
New Heroicas - Special 1 - 3D Print STL / Luis Donaldo Meza
New Heroicas - Special 1 - 2 Figures - Scale 1/6 & 80mm - Pre-Supported
Ruthless Heavens, Boundless Fate / Alex T.
An OSR RPG of science-fantasy adventures across the Nolurian Sector
MOSAIC + Wars & Disasters Expansion Late Pledge Review (
The Dream of Gods: An Interactive Mystery Game / Arcane Canvas
Speak with gods. Solve puzzles. Uncover secrets. An interactive mystery book with audio, puzzles and visuals.
Get expert advice on design, publishing and bringing your game to retail at free one-day B2B event Tabletop Creators Summit London next week (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Adventure in space dice set (Handmade) / MicroToys
Human animal Alien party to the space
Books for D&D’s newest edition pay homage to classic heroes of the RPG’s past (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Dale Yu: Review of Word Traveler (The Opinionated Gamers)
Restore the Sistine Chapel, Escape Louis XIV's Versailles, and Get a Generator Running in Frostpunk (BoardGameGeek News )
The Rise of Vegnal - Part 2 / MagicLore Studios
Miniatures, 3D Printable STL Files, 5e DnD, Role Playing Games, Wargames and RPG, Tabletop Games
Beauties of the Nile (STL Files) / Devi Miniatures
Highly detailed 3D STL files, 75 mm, pre-supported, NSFW, files ready for printing.
Random Encounters - Eastern Adventures: A 5E Toolbox / Arcane Battlemaps
D&D enhanced: 200+ page book and 100+ Battlemaps in this new Toolbox for DnD 5e!
Hegemony, Earth, and Thunder Road: Vendetta Win Golden Geek Awards! (The Opinionated Gamers)

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Castles in the Air RPG / Storybrewers Roleplaying
Explore stories like Little Women in this Gilded Age game of who we grow up to become. Based on the award-winning Good Society system.
A Catalogue of Curios / Andrew Highton
A collection of unique and interesting magical weapons, jewellery and trinkets to add into your campaign! All from just £1!
Fantasy Flight Games Releases “The Dream-Eaters Investigator Expansion” for Arkham Horror LCG (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Two Warhammer Preview Shows Are Scheduled for This Week (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
“Munchkin Shadowrun” and “Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Dire Domains” Set to Release in September from Steve Jackson Games (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Modular Paint Rack - Ultimate - .STL for 3D print
.STL models for parts to build modular Paint Rack for Vallejo, Citadel paints. Supports brushes and contains paint palette, wet palette and water cup. Can lean, can stand, can't do everything that a spider can, though.
Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set Scheduled for Early Reprint Due to Demand (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Wizards of the Coast Stirs Controversy with Gender-Swapped Iconic Warrior (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Dungeons & Dragons Shares Artistic Updates in 50th Anniversary Editions (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Compose Dream Games Launches UK Website and Reward Program for Indie RPGs (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
“Masters of the Universe: Battleground” Launches on Gamefound with New Factions and Features (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Gehenna Gaming Releases Free Quickstart for New Tabletop RPG “Eldritch Automata” Ahead of Backerkit Campaign (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Game-of-the-year winner, Feudum is back with the 7th anniversary collector's edition featuring an exclusive clockwork behemoth! Grrrrrrrrrr.
Heroes & Villains - 32mm Tabletop Miniatures / Grim Legends
Conquer the battlefield with these twelve high-quality Heroes & Villains STL files
A 54 card deck of new and deadly monsters for The Dying World of MÖRK BORG! Draw your demons forth!
Upgrade Your Encounters with MCDM's Flee, Mortals! and Where Evil Lives (Posts)
Flee, Mortals! Now Available On D&D Beyond (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
Wonders of The First CCG / Wonders of The First
Battle across 7 realms as a Stoneseeker. Just Relaunched - Get Kickstarter Exclusive Packages and Pricing!
Masters of the Universe: Battleground
Masters of the Universe: Battleground is a skirmish miniature game for two to four players, where forces of good and evil clash in epic combat. This glorious battle will shake the earth and change the fate of Eternia!
Race to Solve a Tricky Deduction Puzzle in ArcheOlogic (Casual Game Revolution Blog)
The Gold Dragon Gambit: A High-Stakes 5e Casino Heist / Steven Chabotte
When the stakes are high, even the most carefully laid plans can go awry.
Choose a Theme and Give Clues: Similo Animals, History, and Harry Potter (Casual Game Revolution Blog)
The Thinning Veil Cormac Mac Airt on the Other Side of Midnight
A solo dungeon crawl now featuring a 2 player mode set in the world of The Thinning Veil, and featuring Cormac Mac Airt, High King of Inis Fael!
More Wicked Weirdos - 30+ NPCs - DnD 5e compatible / Secrets of Alexandria
65+ new PDF pages with wicked + weird NPC characters for your next DnD 5e session or for any other Fantasy RPG or TTRPG.
3D Printing Army of the Old Age 2 (STL files only) / Pedro Moreno
An updated way to mass produce your tabletop armies! Now with new pillar supports and redone designs!
Chronicles of Ivria : Of Demons and Honor - 5E Supplement / Galandir's Pit
5E D&D adventure from the chronicles of Ivria. A Medieval Japanese fantasy inspired story, perfect for TTRPG lovers like DnD and else!
Rove / Addax Games
A cooperative campaign experience for 1-4 adventurers set in a fantasy world on the brink of being consumed by nature.
Dungeons Deep & Caverns Old - Campaign Setting for 5E / Jason Duff
A fantasy campaign setting and adventure for 5th Edition. Set within a dwarven kingdom after a world-shattering cataclysm.
2024 Crokinole Board Season 8: Mahagony or Beech + Cases / Seth Hiatt
We are back for our 8th Crokinole Project, this fan favorite will include all the best of prior projects plus wax with every board!
Catstronauts: The Board Game / Atlas Games
The cooperative boardgame based on the hit graphic novels!
Warhammer Skulls returns next week for a fresh look at Space Marine 2 and Boltgun, plus other video games (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
MONSTER PSALMS / The Church of Doom
A tome of new revelations for your classic DnD monsters.
Lost City of the Dwarves Kickstarter (Fat Dragon Games)
Here’s what the cover of Dungeons & Dragons’ 2024 Player’s Handbook looks like (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Winter Court Random Strategy Thoughts (The Tao of Gaming)
D100: Delicious Drinks / David Ferguson
Enhance your TTRPG experience with this delectable table of 100 Fantasy Themed Drinks to use in your Campaign.
Kittens Love Sushi: The Expansion / Joshua Mason
The Classic Adorable Card Game + A Super Awesome Expansion Pack
Aces High / Aleph Game Studio
The WW1 in the air (1916-1918)
Artificer's Dice Towers / WhizToweR
A set of awesome dice towers -and much more- designed for 3D printing at home!
Amazing Dragons. 28&35mm 3D printable miniatures / lucia sanchez
Digital or physical version
Everbloom / Nerdvana Games
A unique blend of area control, resource management, and set collection, taking place in a magical world of flora & fauna.
A tile placing, race car themed, dungeon-crawl board game for 1 to 4 players set in the cyber-tech, 22nd century.
canD20: Delicious Fantasy Candy Dice, Candy Minis & Swords / James L
Power Up CAND20: Enchanting Edible Dice Sets for Fantasy Fans Unleash the magic of flavor with CAND20’s edible enchanted dice sets +.
The Big Bad Wolf / Henry
Based on The 3 Little Pigs! Secretly pass the "Big Bad Wolf" then Entice & Persuade players into flipping it, to Blow Down their house!
Around the World in 10 to 15 Minutes / No Box Games
Travel the world, explore cities, and collect souvenirs in this 2-6 player print at home game
Freak War: A Card Game / Sheltonshire Games
A fun and simple pick-up-and-play card game—with unhinged rules and a hidden layer of intense strategy.
Kimera Velvet - Concentrated Acrylic Inks and Pure Pigments / Kimera Models
A new line of paints for miniatures, new pure pigments set, new brushes and 150mm academic busts for painting from Kimera Kolors.
Good Dog, Bad Zombie: A Cooperative Board Game (2nd Edition) / The TESA Collective
Bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse to save the humans you love! New art, new playable dogs, & upgraded components!
Ultimate Periodic Table Dice / Chris Rossetti
Get your inner nerd on with these awesome periodic table dice sets!
5 Upcoming Kickstarters of the week! (Kick Agency News)
D&D Red Box artist rejects “stupid” reveal of female warrior, then accepts “you can interpret it however you want” (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Congress of Gamers 2024 (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
18 Things About TraXX Four! (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Medici Review (Board Game Quest)
AmerArcana: A tabletop roleplaying game of heroic horror / Emlyn Freeman
Amerarcana is a horror comedy RPG with an underlying message about the value of public service and who the real monsters are.
4 Ways to Enhance Your Wargaming Experience with Geeknson’s Board Game Tables (Kick Agency News)
Geeknson’s Best Board Game Tables: A Comparative Overview (Kick Agency News)
Final Fantasy 14’s tabletop RPG hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already being reprinted after selling out (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Storm The Capitol: The Board Game! / Z Behl
Insurrection in a Box
KOREAN war Aircraft (scale 1:200) / Wargame3d
Aircraft of the KOREAN WAR (1950-1953) from Wargame3D. 3D printable STL files in 1:200 scale.
Colorful inserts with artworks for popular games 4 / e-Raptor
Draw It! This game is sketchy / Jamie Butterworth
"Sketch, Laugh, Repeat: A Party Game Where Creativity Clashes with Absurdity!"
Bouquet / RoughDraftGames
A game of bees, blossoms, and bluffing, Bouquet is a strategic area control game where competition blooms into beauty!
District 0012 Project-M / Forbidden Prints
3D Printable, stl, modular terrain for tabletop games, wargames, board games and Sci-fi RPG
Master Of Innuendo / Wordion Games
Play the Hilarious Game of Naughty Titles
The Blood: More Drops / Falconian Productions
A tabletop RPG about vampires as creatures of modern magic.
First Impressions: The Struggle for Zorn: The Red Blight from Blue Panther (The Players' Aid)
Top Tips for Super Sizzles (The Dark Imp)
Boiling Point – why tension and escalation matters in games (Topic Discussion) (Tabletop Games Blog)
Spring 2024 Game Giveaway from Casual Game Insider! (
Neon Hope blends Android: Netrunner and the Arkham Horror LCG into an optimistic cyberpunk co-op card game (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Digital Map Bundle Six / Declan Gray
20+ Digital Battle Maps for Fantasy TTRPG (D&D, 5E, Pathfinder, OSR Roll20, and Savage Worlds)
Promising virtual tabletop One More Multiverse, home to digital Blades in the Dark and Yazeba's B&B, is shutting down (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Amsterdam Board Game Design - season 1 / Amsterdam Board Game Design
Three fun card games by different members of ABGD: Bable, Grachtenpand, & TimeZoo. May this be the first season of many!
Craving / Nerdura Games
A Zombie Apocalypse TTRPG for the TRUE-d6 system
Designer Diary: The Appearance of Truth and Accuracy, and Striking a Path to Flint (BoardGameGeek News )

Monday 13 May 2024

Tagmybase : The Awakening / Sam Draper
Personalise your wargaming miniatures bases and bring your games to life
CMON Announces Pre-Order for New ‘Desert War’ Expansion of Dune: War for Arrakis (TGN – Tabletop Gaming News)
Pádel Mind / Padel Mind
Pádel Mind un juego de mesa basado en el deporte del Pádel. Potencia el uso de estrategias para mejorar el deporte.
ExCowl / Stumaker
ExCowl is a fast paced and ruthless card game featuring super heroes and villains with a dark twist.
Boxing: The Game 🥊 Master the Sweet Science / STEVEN S SAFAK
New Real-Time 1v1 Dueler. Fun, Balanced, True-to-Sport, Low Floor High Ceiling. Fast Based, Tactical Deckbuilding & Card Battling
INSTADUNGEON™ Fantasy Expansion Set 2 - 3D printed tiles / Big Dumb Fun Games
The second expansion for INSTADUNGEON Fantasy—the easy to 3D print dungeon tiles compatible with tabletop RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder!
Creating a Level 10 Character for Vecna: Eve of Ruin (Posts)
The Bark Side Game Review (Father Geek)
One More Multiverse VTT Platform Announces Closure (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
Demeter 3038 / Andy Hand
A sci-fi horror one-shot adventure (self-contained, nothing else required)
Magic: The Gathering bans Unfinity’s Stickers and Attractions from three formats, gives up on partial legality. (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
How to play Slay the Spire: The Board Game (Jesta ThaRogue)
Night Elf Goddess : Liastrea - Pin-up STL Files / QB
High-quality STL Files, 3D Pin-Up Printable Figures for Miniature Collectors and Dungeons & Dragons RPG Tabletop Games
Paper App Dungeon Review (Board Game Quest)
AEW wrestlers will take their fight to Warhammer by battling live in new Age of Sigmar mode Spearhead (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Maps for TTRPGs - Samurai Saga / RealmCrafters
300+ Japanese Themed Maps for Every Tabletop and VTT System (e.g., DnD, Pathfinder) Plus Commercial Use Included! (Grid & Gridless)
10 Board Games Being Played NOW - "People's Choice" Board Game Picks! (Pair of Dice Paradise: Newest Additions)
Children of Amur | New TTRPG using a d12 system! / FrenchAlabamian
A new Tabletop Roleplaying Game built by players with players in mind. Creative classes and fast paced d12 gameplay!
5 Lessons My Mom Taught Me About Entrepreneurship (Stonemaier Games)
GameStop will extend its trade-in program to graded Pokémon TCG cards (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Hail Caesar Epic Battles Set Goes on Pre-order (Tabletop News Today)
Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week – 5/13/24 (Board Game Quest)
Let’s Go To Japan Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
First Impressions for Dune: Imperium – Uprising (The Boardgames Chronicle)
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game will give you another chance to get a miniature David Bowie codpiece in time for the movie’s 40th anniversary (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired this horror RPG about an eldritch radio show that comes with its own soundtrack (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
The Breach channels Returnal and Control via 1970s sci-fi in a fast and unforgiving RPG perfect for Mothership fans (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Interview with Joe Dewhurst Designer of Resisting Revolution: A Cuba Libre Expansion from GMT Games (The Players' Aid)
Loved Dune Part II? You'll soon be able to get one of the best Dune board games on Gamefound (Dicebreaker Latest Articles Feed)
Stormcrow City - The Silent District (STL files) / Davy Penasse
A dark fantasy 3D-printable scenery set and modular gaming board for tabletop wargames and roleplaying games (STL files)
Project : Eos Rise Review by Jazz Paladin (
Odyssey : Legendary Arms / Tropical Game Studio
Manage action and activate your legendary arms. This is a game that combines battle and dice for 2-4 players CCG.
The Deserts Chosen - Undead Army / Stormforge Minis
3D Printable Tabletop Miniatures
Mega Monolith - 150mm Solid Resin D20 Dice for DND RPG / SmokyCreation
Elevate your game to mythic heights with each thunderous roll
Universal HEX terrain / Hermann Hillmann
Printable 3D STL Files, Miniatures for Wargames and Tabletop Role Playing Games.