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Monday 22 July 2024

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week – 7/22/24 (Board Game Quest)
RPG Evolution: Teaching D&D to Scouts … Again (
RPG Evolution: Teaching D&D to Scouts … Again (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Interview with Yoni Goldstein Designer of Chicago ’68 from The Dietz Foundation Coming to Kickstarter August 6th (The Players' Aid)
Operation Barclay
Operation Barclay is a two-player game of low/medium complexity about the intelligence war between the Allies and their Abwehr counterparts in the Mediterranean theater in 1942-1943.
Building A Character On Level Up Gateway (
Spiel des Jahres Winners 2024 (Board Game Gumbo)
Plutocracy: Passengers
A fast-playing pick-up and deliver board game in a rotating universe where space is time is money is power. Expanded by passenger transport, favors and a captivating solo mode.
Mortian - New Previews (Tabletop Fix)
Compass Games - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
SPECTRE Miniatures - New Previews (Tabletop Fix)
Bad Squiddo Games - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Grim Forge - New Preview (Tabletop Fix)
Rubicon Models - New Preview (Tabletop Fix)
Warblade Miniatures - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Artel W Miniatures - New Preview (Tabletop Fix)
Ill Gotten Games - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Wargames Illustrated - New Releases (Tabletop Fix)
Khurasan Miniatures - New Release (Tabletop Fix)
Solgood Creations - Epic Conflict Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Dragon's Cave - CASTLE DICE TOWER Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
PREYstl - Hunter and the Bear Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Big Dumb Fun Games - Mythic Adventures 3D Forest Set Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
An Industry Professional's Guide to SDCC 2024 Panels (
Warhammer 40K: The Unbeatable List – Lone Star Open 2024 Edition (
Designer Diary: Turnip (BoardGameGeek News )
Infinite Black - Elder Dice: Fear the Unknown Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Freeland Art + Design - Medieval Army Core Set // Scaled for 6-15mm Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Always Sleep in Armor - Fantasy Wizard Dice Tower Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
RNEstudio - Forgotten Chapters II Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
AVD Studios - Selene Siren Kickstarter (Tabletop Fix)
Warhammer 40K: Konrad Kurze, The Night Haunter – Primarch of the Night Lords (
Candelamonicon #1: Blackout / Three Quill Publishing
A Candela Obscura oneshot featuring Mr. Nightfall from the Core Rulebook. Also includes new support specializations, gear, and more!
Necromunda Close Up, AoS Starter Sets, ‘Space 1999’ RPG, More – Weekend Rewind (
Gabriel Wahlström - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Anvil Industry - New Releases (Tabletop Fix)
Tabletop Artificers - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Fat Dragon Games - New Release (Tabletop Fix)
José Jorge Pereiro - Kickstarter Ending Soon (Tabletop Fix)
Furry Beauties / Taly_nsfw
3D Girls ready to print |52mm & 72mm STL files|

Sunday 21 July 2024

Tracks N Treads 3: Armorocalypse / Anthony Salvaty
28mm/32mm scale wheeled and tracked Armored Cars for tabletop wargaming 3d printing.
The Ritual of Blood / Underworld Miniatures
3D printable STL figures in High-quality. 120/75 mm for role-playing games, Collectors, tabletop| Presupported Minis
Sky Team Wins the 2024 Spiel des Jahres; Daybreak and Die magischen Schlüssel Also Win (BoardGameGeek News )
Warhammer Next Week: Age of Sigmar Starter Sets Galore (
Sky Team, Daybreak, and Die magischen Schlüssel win 2024 SdJ Awards (The Opinionated Gamers)
D&D: Five Ways to End a Character (
Paul von Hindenburg (German President Ratings, #1) (Clio's Board Games)
Explore L5R’s World of Rokugan In A Whole New Way In ‘River of Gold’ (
News Digest for July 21, 2024 (
News Digest for July 21, 2024 (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for July 21, 2024 (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Catch a Cat, Shake a Dog, and Bonk the Brainless with Burritos (BoardGameGeek News )
Merchants Know That Knowledge Is Power (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles Episodes 1 & 2 Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
[STRATEGIES] Frosthaven – Trapper strategy guide (The Boardgames Chronicle)
Video Review: Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Starter Kit #1 from Multi-Man Publishing (The Players' Aid)
Designer Diary: Obelus (BoardGameGeek News )
Around the Old Neighborhood with Heckin’ Good Doggos (Gameward Bound)
Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Podcast #307 (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)

Saturday 20 July 2024

Reforged / Gordo Games
Gather resources, befriend dragons, and unite a shattered kingdom!
Bark & Roll - Doghouse Dice Tower and Storage / RC Craigo
Adorable 3D Printed & Printable TTRPG Dice Accessories
Creatures of Arcanterra - Part 3 / Evox Arts
STL files of highly detailed pre-supported miniatures for 3D printing, Tabletop games, collectibles, wargames and other RPG
Monstrous Beauty Series "4" STL Sculpts / Alain Viesca
Monstrous Beauty, The Deer Lady & La Lechuza Fantasy Tabletop sculpts | High Quality STLs for 3D Printing
Istanbul – Board Game Review (Meeple and the Moose)
Copyright, Trademark, and Open Game Licenses (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Raw Video: A Most Fearful Sacrifice: The Three Days of Gettysburg from Flying Pig Games (The Players' Aid)
GENCON Preview 2024 (Board Game Gumbo)
It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City Of Spire (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Knarr (Digital Eyes) (Tabletop Games Blog)
Unboxing & Overview – For the People, 25th Anniversary Edition (The Boardgames Chronicle)
Review of Sky Team  (The Opinionated Gamers)
Designer Diary: Flutter, or Tiles and Monarchs (BoardGameGeek News )
Gemstone Dice sets!! / Digital Minerals LLC
This Project is to bring real mineral knowledge to the dice community.
World Revolution: Soviet Cold War 3d STL Files / Brad Sanders
Soviet Cold War printable STL files.
The 10 Species in the 2024 Player's Handbook (Posts)
Metrorunner: Riding the Metro and Hacking the Network (Gameward Bound)
Portal House STL - 48H Pay what you want! STL FILES / Tialja Design
3D printable house for fantasy RPG | Tabletop and wargame 28-32mm miniature scale | Ideal for TTRPG: D&D/Pathfinder/Warhammer | STL

Friday 19 July 2024

Halloween Spooky Pumpkin Jars 2nd Edition - 3D STL Files / Digital Creative Works
Halloween Decor - Get creative with our amazingly crafted high detailed pumpkin shaped jars available as 3d printable STL Files
The Lads - Wave 2 / Celtic Miniatures
Digital STL files and resin miniatures.
New Kickstarter Head of Games Is Former Exploding Kittens Senior Sales Manager (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
News Flash: New Op Party Game, Parks Roll & Hike Announced (Casual Game Revolution Blog)
‘Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, 5th Edition’ Brings a Classic Game Back to the Table (GeekDad)
Selene Siren - Pirate Pin Up 3D Printable STL files DnD / AVD Studios
High-Quality 3D Print-Ready Pin-Up STL, RPG, Tabletop Games, DnD as Collectibles Display Figure 100mm - 150mm, STL Pack, Models, NSFW
Space: 1999 Coming From Modiphius (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Cursed Orc Stronghold: 3D Printable Terrain, Vol.3 / aMini3DWorld
3D Printable Terrain with Playable Interiors for TTRPGs & Wargames – Optimized for Supportless FDM Printing – Pay What You Want Tier!
SEASON 2: Chaotic Neutral Plays Dungeons and Dragons! / No Rolls Barred
Help Chaotic Neutral defeat the YouTube algorithm and fund a second season of their D&D Actual Play show!
Stupor Mundi
Stupor Mundi is a strategic euro-style game for 1 to 4 players by author Nestore Mangone, full of exciting and original mechanisms, with plenty of interaction, solid gameplay and tension.
Scottish castle STL files for FDM printing / Timescape Miniatures
Scottish castle STL files for printing at home! Perfect for wargaming or DnD!
Elf Archer: Elaria - Printable STL Miniatures / FireForge Studio
Hyper-detailed, 3D-printable miniatures for RPG, Tabletop Games, DnD and as Collectibles
Quick Peaks – Animal Poker, QE, Zoo Vadis, Bosa, Chicken! with Chicken! Eggspansion (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Most Anticipated Games of Gen Con 2024 (Board Game Quest)
Worlds of Design: Not-So-Friendly Fire (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Chicago ’68 from The Dietz Foundation – Event Card Spoilers with Designer Yoni Goldstein – Card #1: Police Action Card: Mass Arrest (The Players' Aid)
Dungeon, Pirate & Space Days: 3 Easy Coffee Table Games / Zatu Games
From the creators of Woof Days - Fill your days with new characters and battle it out with these interesting and fun mechanics!
Dice Bags- Animal Anatomy / BoardGameSolutions
Drawstring plush lined storage bag for dice, coins, tokens, tiles, gems, crystals, anything that can fit in a bag!
Siege Storm (Hiew's Boardgame Blog)
Kickstarter’s new head of games is ex-Exploding Kittens, Greater than Games sales specialist Maggie Clayton ()
Military Vehicle Pack No.3 for 28mm wargames / Aaron Prior
Our third selection of military vehicles for 28mm wargames. Digital STL files and physical pledges available.
Woodland Witches: Female Pinup 3D printable STL / Anexeo's Forge
3 High Quality Pinup STL of Witches of the Forest (32mm/75mm), Pre-Supported, and 5 more models just waiting to be unlocked!!
Napoleonic Pin Ups / David Vazquez Fernandez
Stl files for 75mm Napoleonic Pin Ups
Revelations of the Dark Mother Coming for Vampire: The Masquerade 5e (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Homebrew Campaign Site Tabletop Mirror Acquires RPG Chat Service Role Gate (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Dale Yu: Review of In The Footsteps of Darwin (The Opinionated Gamers)
Designer Diary: Streamer Standoff (BoardGameGeek News )

Thursday 18 July 2024

How to Survive and Thrive at Gen Con (or Any Big Convention) (Stonemaier Games)
Official D&D Events At Gen Con (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Codex of Chance: Random Encounter+ Overhaul for D&D 5E / Logan Miller
A Dungeons & Dragons project that uses 3,000+ creatures to overhaul Random Encounters with Terrain Guides, Survival Mechanics, & more
Dungeons & Dragons 2024 Player Handbook Will Be Sold Early At Gen Con (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
3,000 Player's Handbooks Available At Gen Con (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
101 fantasy realm Quests / KingOfGames
101 Unique Fantasy realm quests and images
Celebrate DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Golden Anniversary at Gen Con 2024 ( )
How to Get the 2024 Player’s Handbook Six Weeks Early at Gen Con (Posts)
Dungeons & Dragons at Gen Con 2024 (Posts)
Sharkes Victory By Alternative Armies (Tabletop News Today)
The Desecrators Legion Miniatures / Vector.Miniatures
The Desecrators Legion Miniatures 28-32mm STL files for 3D printing.
Fallen Saint : Pin-up STL Files / QB
High-quality STL Files, 3D Pin-Up Printable Figures for Miniature Collectors and Dungeons & Dragons RPG Tabletop Games
Battleship Iowa Open 2025: An Unofficial X-Wing Tournament / Joseph Vincent
Sad that X-wing is a complete game and you never got to play on a real ship? We're here to change that!
Tabletop Inc.
Tabletop Inc is a worker placement style game for 1 to 6 players. Take on the role of board game creators competing to build the greatest board games in the world.
Thorgal: The card game
Thorgal: Card Game, where strategy meets destiny in a thrilling card-based adventure
Robotech: Among The Stars RPG / Strange Machine Games
A new supplement for the Robotech: Roleplaying Game featuring: The Sentinels, Haydonites, Invid, and UEEF - led by Rick Hunter!
Benben / Mint Chocolate Games
Up to 6 players race to build their pyramid in this 3D building game.
North Africa ’41 October I-II (Big Board Gaming)
3D Printable Dice Towers - Anniversary Edition / Fantasy3DTabletop
3D Printable Fantasy Dice Tower STLs for Board Games & Tabletop RPGs. Expertly Optimized for Support-Free 3D Printing on FDM Printers.
The Pirate Republic: Africa Gambit
Late Pledge For The Pirate Republic: Africa Gambit
Wizard DnD Dice Set / LunaDice
Exclusive dnd dice set casted in brass for collectors, board and tabletop game enthusiasts.
Breaking the Chains 2.0 / Compass Games
The second edition of Breaking the Chains, simulating a military conflict in the South China Sea.
RPG Maps - 1000+ Assets for RPG Map Making
1000+ Assets for only 9€. Buildings, Ruins, Ground textures... The end of boring maps is here!
Hasbro brings in veteran Blizzard senior exec John Hight as Wizards of the Coast, digital gaming president ()
New WotC President Is World of Warcraft's John Hight (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
10 Days in the USA Review (Board Game Quest)
Nemesis Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
7 Wonders: Architects – Medals Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Fantasy Female Miniatures - Angelic Allure / Suzanne Robson
3D printable STL Files in 75mm & 32mm scale for RPG, Tabletop Games, DnD and as Collectibles
Celebrate ‘D&D’s 50th in Style With Beadle & Grimm’s Classic Module Dice Sets (GeekDad)
June 2024 Monthly Debrief Video – Best Value Wargames (The Players' Aid)
Air Raid 36/46-Expansion: Bombers!
An expansion with bombers and 17+ new miniatures for our easy-to-learn WWII aircraft game.
TTRPG Battle Maps and More! (2024 Edition) / SideQuest20
SideQuest20's best maps from 2023-2024, available for print-and-play, Roll20, Foundry VTT, and more!
Classic Adventure Themed Dice Sets From Beadle & Grimm's (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Crowdfunding Tabletop Roundup (GeekDad)
3d stl file game tabletop
Goblins, Gobblers & Veggies - beQuest Miniatures / beQuest Miniatures
Oldschool inspired tabletop miniatures in scale of 28mm. 22 high quality handsculpted white metal spincasts!
Dale Yu: Review of Captain Flip (The Opinionated Gamers)
Game Review: Link City, or Okay, Where Would You Put the Massage Parlor? (BoardGameGeek News )
Review: Egyptian Enigma (Unfiltered Gamer)
Review: Faraway (Unfiltered Gamer)
Review: Fliptown (Unfiltered Gamer)
Review: Walking in Burano: Roll & Write (Unfiltered Gamer)
Skyrise board game review (The Board Game Family)
Providence - 3D Printable Modular Space Station / Project Mobius
3D print and build your own modular space station for tabletop wargaming.

Wednesday 17 July 2024

Backpack Panda
Venture into a vibrant bamboo world and brace yourself for betrayal in this 4-8 player social deduction game for panda lovers.
MTG Brain Dead Secret Lair Announced, Bringing Postpunk Art To Card Game (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
Spicy Game Review (Father Geek)
First Look: The 2024 Wild Magic Sorcerer (Posts)
Get the Ick: A Party Game of Social Cringe (Casual Game Revolution Blog)
Damn It, Owen! Cartoons Help Owen K.C. Stephens Fight Cancer (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
Casual Game Crowdfunding: Adventures and Mixtapes (Casual Game Revolution Blog)
Definitely Not Damsels 2: More 28mm Women Warriors for TTRPG / Bad Squiddo Games
Top Quality 28mm Pewter Miniatures for Fantasy Gaming & Painting
RPG Crowdfunding News - Eldritch Automata, Neon Blood, Trickerion, and more (EN World: Tabletop RPG News & Reviews)
DRAGONLOCK Lost City of the Dwarves: Pillars FDG0419 (Fat Dragon Games)
Runaway inflation sees Africa’s longest-running board games convention return to Kickstarter in search of funding ()
Combat Commander – After Action Report – Scenario 22 – A Veritable Bloodbath (Dude! Take Your Turn!)
LOOTgames' Industrial Scrap Terrain / LOOTgames
An awesome collection of 3d printable(stl) industrial scrap terrain and scatter for scifi/post-apocalyptic wargames and RPGs.
My First Adventure Books Giveaway (Board Game Quest)
Lost Tome of Monsters 2 / Andrew Zorowitz
Find more pages of the Lost Tome.... Mystery Loot with Metal D20 + Pinature + Encounter Card.
Lollygagging Lagoons Card Game (Prototype Edition) / Vietson
A fun homemade card game. Fill your game nights with lollygagging drama.
Dinoworld kingdoms Epic miniatures / Dinoworld
High-quality 3D Miniatures Figures available in STL and Pre-Supported files for Tabletop Games, Collectors Enthusiasts, and DnD
Victoriana – 5e Roleplaying in a Time of Revolution / Cubicle 7 Games
Navigate the tempestuous aetheric smog of industrial London as technology, magic, and social class clash. Which side will you choose?
Complete Town 2, A D&D Highly Detailed City / James Kay
Dive into 'Complete Town 2'—a DnD 5e guide to a corrupt port city teeming with crime, secrets, and dark intrigue for your adventures.
Rebel Fury – Chancellorsville 1863 – strategic considerations by Mark Herman (The Boardgames Chronicle)
Life of the Amazonia Review (Board Game Quest)
The Secrets of Zorro - Cooperative Board Game
Take up the mask and sword as Zorro®’s heirs in this swashbuckling co-op adventure for 1-4 players, full of secrets and ambushes
Zombie Vengeance / Steve Sherrin
The board game of life, death, undeath and betrayal in the zombie apocalypse.
Kingless: the Festival of Explosions / Two19
Welcome to the Festival of Explosions - the next installment to the Kingless experience. Step into a world of fiery festivities!
Interview with Carl Paradis Designer of Battle Commander Volume I: Napoleon’s Italian Campaigns from Sound of Drums Coming to Gamefound Soon (The Players' Aid)
Episode 154 Burky from GameToppersLLC (Board Game Gumbo)
Unhappy Campers Review (
Dale Yu: Review of the Guild of Merchant Explorers (The Opinionated Gamers)
Save the Knowledge of Atlantis, Sell Glass in Lisbon, and Engineer Smart Kabuki Tricks (BoardGameGeek News )
Asian Board Games Festival Malaysia 2024 in Penang (Hiew's Boardgame Blog)

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Neopets TTRPG Kickstarter Has Doubled Its Funding Goal (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
Fantasy STL models for 3D printing
Stone Saga / Lost Haven
Solo Journaling game of Dwarves!
Izowel Goldthorn: Mistress of Arcane Arts / Black fins miniatures
3D printable pinup miniature models, Pre-supported 32mm/72mm STL files for table-top games or miniature painters.
New Video What is Age of Sigmar? (Tabletop News Today)
28mm Space Dwarves 3 - Specialists / WARBLADE MINIATURES
28mm Space Dwarves 3 - Specialists a set of 12 Metal Miniatures. - Funded in less than 1 Hour!
Miniatures 4 / AliceFo
Pre-Supported High Quality 3D Printable Miniature (STL Files).
The Road to Oz / Argon Media
A game of party management and deck-building!
Ahu Tiiko: A Coyote & Crow Expansion / Coyote & Crow Games
A horror and mystery setting expansion book for the Coyote & Crow Roleplaying Game
Beyonder Worlds – Galactic Realms Expansions for Anime 5E / Dyskami Publishing
Player options, campaign settings, and monsters – featuring science fiction, mecha action, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and modern Earth
Jumbo Cats Dice Set
Probably the coolest cats dice in the world! With their jumbo size and array of colors, they make for a PURRfect combination you just can't overlook. Big on fun, big on cats!
Burgle Bros 3: Future Flip / Tim Fowers
The crew is thrown into the future and must pull off a grand heist up against new high tech security.
The 22 Most Anticipated Games of Gen Con 2024 (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Catacombs Fortress of Nazemoor / Elzra Games
Fortress of Nazemoor is a new standalone core box that is compatible with and expands Catacombs 3E.
The Flames Of Fafnir - A Physics-Based Board Game / Lucky Duck Games
Push your tactics to the limits in this innovative strategy game driven by physics.
Schrodinger’s Site, or, Where We’ve Been and What Comes Next (The Cardboard Republic)
Redecorating Hachi Train for a Ride around the World — Well, Two Rides Actually (BoardGameGeek News )
Guardians of Celestial Arcane Blade: 3D Printable Miniatures / Dice Dimensions
3D miniatures with 75MM & 120MM Scale, Highly details STL for tabletop & boardgames, RPG, DnD, Pre-supported version
Congrats to the Chens (The Tao of Gaming)
Monster Kill / Radek Ignatów
Stand up to mighty ancient monsters!
The African Boardgames Convention - AB Con 2024 / Femi Olusanya
The yearly African Boardgames Convention (AB Con) is returning for the 8th time in 2024!
Elder Dice: Fear the Unknown / Infinite Black
New Mythic RPG Sets: Reanimator, Beneath the Mountains of Madness, In the Shadows of Innsmouth, and more. Includes magnetic grimoire!
The Dusty Euros Series: Edel, Stein & Reich (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Epic Conflict / solgoodcreations
3D printable fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and modern dioramas, miniatures, and terrain for RPGers, Wargamers, or Hobbyists of all types!
Diabolical Dave's Rumble Throwdown – Champions Edition / Grimmsteel Games
DDRT is a strategic board game for 1 – 6 players inspired by the golden age of professional wrestling.
Spectacular Shops & Services 2! (5e) / Anthony Woods
A spectacular sequel with more drop-in ready shops, inns, taverns, and services for D&D 5e with NPCs, magic items, quests, and more!
Yonder / Dave Clarke - Sinister Fish Games
A fantasy worker placement game from Haakon Hoel Gaarder, designer & illustrator of Villagers, Streets, and Moon.
Builders of Sungrave / Polterdice
Become King’s Builder, craft your Medieval Town for new settlers in this Roll and Write print and play strategy board game.
G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle Review (Board Game Quest)
Best 3 Games with…East Front of WWII! (The Players' Aid)
The Ancient Ruined City 2 / FTD Scenery
A new Collection of ruined building for tabletop wargames, available in STL files or hand-painted print !
New models of fantasy gladiators are on sale already. (Signum Games)
Race to Space, a Times Table Board Game / Charlotte Green
A board game designed to aid the learning of times tables in a fun and interactive way in line with the national curriculum.
Revisiting CHRONICLES OF CRIME (Board Game Gumbo)
CARACAS / Corné van Moorsel
Build the best expedition map!
Gifts Galore: the festive group gifting board game Kickstarter Spotlight (
Light'n Race: Controlling the Power of Light / Habib Özbay
Light'n Race is a light-powered race car kit that sees gamers use the power of physics to beat their opponents!
Dice Hard / Done Not Perfect
Roll hard or dice trying! A fast paced roleplay game with zero preparation where anything can happen!
Dale Yu: Ticket to Ride: Legends of the West (The Opinionated Gamers)
Designer Diary: Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters: Anniversary Edition (BoardGameGeek News )
RDTN Episode 327: Star Tycoon, Cities, Landmarks and SWU: Shadows of the Galaxy (Rolling Dice & Taking Names)
On the Cyberpunk Rails of the Network with Metrorunner (Gameward Bound)

Monday 15 July 2024

Varosh's Finest Hour: A D&D 5e Murderous One-Shot / Clavileño Creative
Uncover hidden perils in Vaeldrach as you try to solve a macabre assassination in its treacherous alleys in this 5e One-Shot Adventure.
Hunters:The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, Tabletop RPG / Ghislain Durocher
Join the Rosicrucian secret society and discover a World of the Occult and Paranormal. Protect humanity from paranormal threats-TTRPG
Delve into the Witch Queen's Lair in The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (Posts)
Quests from the Infinite Staircase Preview ( )
Easy Print Buildings 2.0 (1/100 and 1/50 scale) / Jason Miller
No supports needed for printing in 15mm (1/100) and 32mm (1/50) scales
Hunt(er/ed), A Two-Player TTRPG About Monsters and Hunters, Fully Funded On Kickstarter In 3 Hours (TechRaptor Tabletop News Feed)
CryptoQuest / boardify
Invest, Trade, and Conquer the Crypto World
Rolling Realms Redux: Did the Month-by-Month Reveal Work? (Stonemaier Games)
Pay What You Want, Medieval RPG Town Set 11 / 3DP4U
3D Printable STL Files, Terrain for Tabletop, Role Playing Games, Wargames and RPG. Medieval RPG Town Houses - Set 11
How to play Terminus Board Game & Review (Jesta ThaRogue)
Beast Hunt / Moneer Marouf
Set off with your friends (or foes) on a valiant quest to defeat the King of Beasts!
OBG 542: Scrambling for a Styrofoam Cup (On Board Games)
HUNT(er/ed) / Meghan Cross
A two player TTRPG about a Hunter and the Monster they are pursuing.
5 Towers Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
The Hunter and the Bear / PREYstl
Pre-Supported High Quality 3D Printable Diorama 1:10 Scale (STL Files)
Interview with Tom Holliday Designer of GTS The Greatest Day: Utah Beach from Multi-Man Publishing (The Players' Aid)
Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week – 7/15/24 (Board Game Quest)
Mythic Adventures 3D™ Forest Set made-to-order terrain tiles / Big Dumb Fun Games
Made-to-order 3D Forest-themed terrain tiles for your tabletop games! Gridded for compatibility with D&D (DnD) and Pathfinder!
Ruins of Ardust for Shadowdark RPG / William Murakami-Brundage
You're seeking gold and glory in the ancient ruins of Ardust. Hexcrawl, adventures, and optional rules for Shadowdark RPG.
Neopets: From Digital Realm to Tabletop Adventure (Kick Agency News)
Berserkr: A New Norse Mythology RPG Takes Kickstarter by Storm (Kick Agency News)
Wandering Galaxy: A New Crossroads Game by Plaid Hat (Kick Agency News)
Moonsoon: A New 5th Edition Campaign Setting on Kickstarter (Kick Agency News)
Relive a Pivotal WWII Battle: Iwo Jima 1945 (Kick Agency News)
4 Non-Gaming Activities Geeknson Tables Are Perfectly Suited For (Kick Agency News)
How Can Professional Insets Enhance Your Board Gaming Experience? (Kick Agency News)
Cosmoctopus Review (Punchboard)
Top Gun Strategy Game: ’80s Nostalgia at Its Finest (
Dale Yu: Review of Daybreak (eMission) (The Opinionated Gamers)
Best Opponents in Middle-earth, Enter the Jungles of Delthrak, and Fight among Flickering Stars (BoardGameGeek News )
Polemos / Masters’ Game Design
Polemos is a cooperative, players vs. game, table top card game set in Greek mythology and published by Masters Game Design.
Paratype / Mars
At the end of the everything, embrace a new insect identity. A TTRPG about giant bugs and the apocalypse. Printed edition and module.
Crib World: Electronic Cribbage Board & Custom Playing Cards / Sam Ballantyne
Introducing the ultimate gaming experience for lovers of retro aesthetics and thrilling card games.

Sunday 14 July 2024

Jester's Court - A 5e Adventure of Murder, Monsters & Music / Hangry Dwarf Press
Jester's Court is a 5e adventure diving into a murder mystery using a musical mechanic.
A Show of Hands- tabletop RPG / Rhi
Disembodied sentient hands, scurrying around a creepy circus, solving crime! Can be played with nothing more than your hands and a pen!
Weirdwood Manor Game Review (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
Teach & Play for Berestechko 1651 (The Boardgames Chronicle)
Video Review: Verdun 1916: Steel Inferno from Fellowship of Simulations (The Players' Aid)
Designer Diary: The Adventures of Making Cyber Pet Quest (BoardGameGeek News )
Calantha: The Everlasting Bloom | 3d printable STL / Radhe
Own a piece of art that embodies timeless elegance.

Saturday 13 July 2024

Krakulu's, Mistfall Manor / Ben
3D Printable (Support Free) STL Files, Tabletop Terrain, Role Playing Games, Miniatures, Wargames and RPG's
Alexandria, The City of Glory 2 / AYA SON
3D Printable STL Files, Terrain for Tabletop, Miniature, Role Playing Games, Wargames and RPG's
Zula's laboratory. DnD5e/Pathfinder2e Adventure. (1€) / Chaotic Neutral Visionary
Zula has disappeared! Zula's tressym is looking for adventurers to help her find her owner. It promises wealth, knowledge and power.
Arcs – Fortune Favours the Bold (Meeple and the Moose)
Top 6 “Completed” Actual Plays (Meeple Mountain – Board Game Reviews, Videos, Humor, and more)
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GRAVETIDES - A print-and-play fantasy naval miniature game / Res In Aere
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Pre-Supported Stl files for 3d printing in 32mm scale for DnD, tabletop rpgs, boardgames or 75mm for collectable statues
STL FILES FOR 3D PRINTING - MINIS - Pre supported - 75 mm & 32 mm - SFW & NSFW
Fantasy Warrior - Assassin - 3D Print STL / Luis Donaldo Meza
Assassin - 2 version - Bust - Scale 1/6 & Miniature 80mm & 32mm